Adult RE @ SNUUC

How to do we define adult religious education at SNUUC?
A lot like we define 'what do we believe'. Follow your passion, find your path, make it what you want it to be. Adult RE at SNUUC can take the form of singing in the choir, teaching children's RE, drumming, working in our Thrift Shop, or learning the art of compassionate communication, for example.

Here are brief decriptions of some of the current and past Adult RE classes at SNUUC.
If you see a course/program you're interested in that's not currently being offered, contact our minister. Chances are someone else will be too!


Adult RE programs currently being offered at SNUUC

NVC - Compassionate Communication at SNUUC
Compassionate Communication at SNUUC – Since 2005, the Compassionate Communication practice group has evolved into a ministry of SNUUC by providing a safe place for members of our congregation as well as members of the community to come together and explore the ways we talk with one another and more especially how we talk with ourselves. Based on the thirteen chapters of Marshall Rosenberg’s book Non Violent Communication – A Language of Life, the “NVC” group meets for thirteen Saturdays in the spring and fall of each year to learn and practice the techniques of how to connect with our selves and others by listening empathically and expressing honestly in a world that often has so little time to stop and listen.

To learn more about this program, including the next starting program date, click here.

Gentle Yoga with Spirit
"Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life."
B.K.S. Iyengar.

Gentle Yoga with Spirit at SNUUC continues this fall with classes on Monday mornings, 9:00-10:15 am, led by Linda Cucurullo. Come join us for strengthening, balance, and stretching exercises that support us all through whatever season of our lives we may be in! Fees for the 6-week series are $75 ($60 to Linda and $15 to SNUUC). Please contact Anne Olsen at afleming528@gmail.com to sign up.

Wake up a little earlier on Saturday and join the Meditation Group. Our group practice meets at 9 am in the RE wing on Saturday mornings. This group is open to beginners. All you need to do is take a seat. For more info please contact Brian Larkin, bolarkin@optonline.net

To learn more about this program, click here.

SNUUC’s drumming ministry
SNUUC’s drumming ministry, the DrUUmatics, practices every Thursday at 6:30 pm in the RE wing. You can check on their website for info about where they are playing: www.druumatics.org, or find the DrUUmatics page on Facebook. If there is enough interest, they will offer drumming workshops too! Speak with Sharon Nanos or Laura D’Angelo.

Pilates classes
Pilates classes at SNUUC take place on Mondays at 4:30 pm and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm in the foyer. Only $12 per class - no contracts to sign, no commitment, just come and stretch! Questions? Please contact Leslie Farrington, dr.farrington@icloud.com

Improv classes
Spontaneity, Creativity, Fun! Improv classes continue at SNUUC on Sundays. New folks at 4 pm, experienced folk at 1:45 pm, in the foyer. No prior experience is required. Beginners are welcome. A series costs $80 for returning students $100 for new students. For more information, please contact Laura D’Angelo, ldangelo@optonline.net or Michael Rock, xmrock@gmail.com.

Visit longislandimprov.weebly.com for more information.

Adult RE programs previously offered at SNUUC

(if you see something that interests you, send us a note
to see if a new program can be initiated)

Great Decisions is a curriculum created by the Foreign Policy Institute. To participate, you must buy the Great Decisions book ($16) and read the chapter we are to discuss. Topics include climate change, Mexico, the worldwide plight of children, the Middle East and migration. Books will be available for purchase on Sunday mornings.

Ever wish you could have a deeper knowledge of liberal theology? Join Catherine for Readings in Liberal Religion, opportunities to explore the minds of theological giants such as Paul Tillich and Reinhold Niebuhr. We will read short excerpts together and discuss their meaning and implication in our lives.

Painting Your Way Out of a Corner: The Art of Getting Unstuck.
If you are interested in self-discovery, you might enjoy enrolling in the visual journaling course called Paint Yourself out of a Corner. With this no-mistakes approach to painting based on improvisational technique, you learn to have a conversation with yourself through painting. The classes offer everyone, regardless of art expertise or experience, the chance to explor what is going on inside of their hearts and outside of their thoughts. The classes were taught by local artist and friend Barbara Barry.

The South Ocean Sangha, Buddhist meditation group meets at SNUUC on Monday nights promptly at 7:30 (please arrive at 7:15). The 10am Friday morning meditation group began again this month; speak to Nick Nanos if youíd like to attend. Newcomers are welcome to both groups!

Wayne Dyer Meditation
A meditation/discussion group will be held every other Sunday. It will be based on Dr. Wayne Dyer's inspirational CD's and movies under the category of Spiritual Cinema (ex: The Secret). Please see Lisa Itts for details.

An Introduction to Compassionate Communication
Based on Marshall Rosenberg's book Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Life, "The extraordinary language of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is changing how parents relate to children, teachers to students, and how we all relate to each other and even to ourselves. …once we study NVC we can't ignore the potential for transformation that lies in any …relationship-if we… communicate with skill and empathy." Bernie Glassman, President and Co-Founder Peacemaker Community

Pathways to Spirituality
This three session course led by Rev. Torpey will be an opportunity for prayer, meditation and discussion about how we can live more spiritually fulfilling lives.

Our American Roots
Our American Roots, a course that gives a basic overview of the major characters and themes of Unitarian Universalism, is taught by Rev. Catherine Torpey. This course is perfect for newcomers, old-timers, or anyone who wishes to gain more understanding of who we are as a religious body and our significance in American life. Join us when you can!

Parents of Teens Group
is gathering together to provide mutual support as each parent seeks to find the balance that is right for their family.

Meditation and DIscussion
A meditation/discussion group, led by SNUUC member Lisa Itts, is based on Dr. Wayne Dyer "Power Of Intention" CD's, and after the first 6 sessions will continue with meditation/discussions on movies under the category of "Spiritual Cinema".

Empathy Circle
For those of you who have completed a 13 session Compassionate Communication series and wish to practice giving and receiving empathy, please join the Empathy Circle which meets at SNUUC from 7:30-9:30pm on alternate Tuesdays. Call Anne Fleming or Barbara Singer for details.

Buddhist Meditation Group
will meet Friday mornings at 10 in the Yuuth room.

Welcoming Congregation Workshops
These workshops will help each of us gain new insights, and make us as a congregation more aware that being welcoming requires steps beyond being merely accepting. Completing the series will allow us to declare ourselves a certified Welcoming Congregation. Don't expect to be judged or pushed about your attitudes; do expect stimulating discussion and camaraderie. All are welcome. We hope to see you there.

Holding On & Letting Go: Grasping Life Lines
was a religious enrichment course offered to adults by our former community minister, The Rev. Kelly Murphy Mason. This course will explore The Rev. Forrest Church's meditations on the Book of Ecclesiastes collected in his slim volume, Life Lines: Holding On & Letting Go. Over our morning sessions, we will discuss the book's four sections in turn: "Lifelines to the Heart"; "Lifelines to Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness"; "Lifelines to God & Our Neighbors"; and "Lifelines to Hope". The writings of this renowned Unitarian Universalist minister will spark discussion of the lifelines we take hold of in our own lives as liberal religionists. Life Lines is available for purchase through the UUA bookstore or online through the SNUUC link to Amazon.com.