Insider Stuff
A repository of SNUUC forms and more

SNUUC governance and administration
2016-17 Budget Request Form (as a pdf) (as a docx)
Reimbursement Request Form (as a pdf) (as a doc)
SNUUC bylaws (updated January 2013)
SNUUC Social Media Policy - adopted

Ways and Means Stuff
2016 Talent Auction Booklet
2016 Talent Auction Promissory Note
2015 Talent Auction Booklet
2014 Talent Auction Booklet
2013 Talent Auction Booklet
2012 Talent Auction Booklet

Open Line Archive
Click here for a list of past Open Lines

RE/YUUTH forms and teacher stuff
(please check with RE leaders to make sure these are current forms)
RE registration form
Jr/Sr High OWL registration (link goes to LIAC)
COA registration form (link goes to LIAC)
Student Activity form (link goes to LIAC)
Sofia Fahs Camp forms (link goes to LIAC)